Seasons Love Rent Play Analysis

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If one individual reads all the name of the songs that was sang in this play, he or she will recognize something. That recognition is perceiving that this play contributes many themes and ideas. With themes and ideas that jump from one tone to another, with still keeping a bright stage for the audience to see that there is a happy satisfaction in the air between the actors. For instance, song titles in the play like, “Chicago”, “Mamma Mia”, “Dogfight, “Rent”, are all song titles that one can read that these do not connect at all. Therefore, that is where the many basic ideas are noted. So one individual can say that theme for this play is the Coming of age. While the other one can say theme or the idea of this play is courage. Last but not …show more content…
A great example that demonstrates on how it incorporate that theme is the first song that they perform, which the name of the song is Seasons of Love- Rent. As soon as the curtains open, they start singing this song and this song mostly talks about the amount of minutes that equal one year. Which are 525,600 minutes, with that being said, throughout the song they state that within those minutes how is one individual going to measure it in love. Will it be “in daylights?, in sunsets?, in midnights?, in cups of coffee?, in inches?, in miles?, in laughter?, in strife?”. Moreover, with just that lyric phrase, it sets a good strong theme/tone towards the audience, letting them know what this play may be about. Another theme that portrays in this show is anxiety. A perfect example is when Vanessa sings/performs “Funny Girl”. The reason why is because she portrays anxiety that she wants to get rid of her man/boyfriend. The song is about her singing 51 ways of how to get rid of a man of her back. Another theme in this play is jealousy. Mamma Mia, which is perform by Jileannette, Mancy, and Vanessa. One can perceive the jealousy that they have towards each other throughout the song. In other words, they were selfish, and just desired the attention specifically to themselves. To sum up, with different types ideas that made it incorporate the theme throughout the show, such as, jealousy, arguments/consensus, selfishness, …show more content…
As I mentioned before, even some of the production elements hinder the theme of love. This play had a couple of songs that had nothing to do with love whatsoever. As a result, the songs throughout the play affected the mood. Additionally, the mood and the tone affect the clear directing concept. Although, if I had to opt a directing concept, it will be between joyful or love. In conclusion, I’ve been to many shows that I can easily opt a directing concept. On the other hand, this show really made me upset because just by looking at the name of the songs, it creates a frustration for the audience and especially for individuals like myself that are trying to write a essay about it. There is no flow throughout this play, the characters constantly change personalities, which rises confusion to the audience and makes them ponder that if they are a different character now. So as the show went on, I catched on that this show is just going to be a musical with different types of songs, that most of them would not connect to each other. For instance, one is talking about the book of mormon, while the other other is talking about a dogfight. This can give an individual an idea of why in my perspective that the directing concept was vague. At the end of the day, it was a bright dramatic structure, because pretty much every song the actors had a smile on their faces. Which the

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