Before I Fall Theme Of Kindness

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Kindness In Before I Fall
“Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” This statement is the Golden Rule of our world and society, we apply it almost everything. This statement is also applied to the book Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. In the novel, Oliver tells the story of high schooler Samantha Kingston. She is popular but hangs out with her three friends Ally, Lindsay, and Elody. Lindsay has a problem with Juliet Sykes, who used to be her best friend, because of an incident that happened at camp a few years back. Everytime the four girls see her, they make fun of her and embarrass her. When the girls are coming back from a party, they get into a car accident and Sam has to live that same day over. She sees what the smallest things can do to help someone. In Before I Fall, we see the theme of kindness and the impact of helping others. Through Samantha Kingston, Juliet Sykes, and life in high school this theme is portrayed.
In Before I Fall, Samantha Kingston feels bad after realizing how horrible she has treated Juliet Sykes. After Sam was in the accident and she relives the same day over and over, she thinks of all the times she and her friends have been mean to Juliet. The first incident in the book is when Juliet walks through the cafeteria and Lindsay, Elody, Ally, and Sam all start saying “psycho” and making weird noises as she passes them. Later, Juliet comes to a party. Everyone crowds around her and
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We see that Sam regrets the way she treated Juliet, and how she tries to fix it. We also see how Juliet’s life is affected by the bullying and teasing. The book portrays life in high school as rough in some ways. It’s not rough for everyone, but for people like Juliet and Anna it is. In the end, one small act of kindness can go a long way. If everyone worked together to be nice to one another, our society, and teens wouldn’t be as hopeless. How are you being kind to

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