Theme Of Ellie's Story

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Everyone needs to believe that things are going to get better and that you can face your fears. The world that is constructed by W. Bruce Cameron consists of a dog that is a search-and-rescue dog in a small town. The protagonist, Ellie, is the search and rescue dog. Ellie is a true hero. She saves people’s lives She is faced with difficult situations in the novel, like losing a lot of her ability to smell. In Ellie’s Story W. Bruce Cameron uses em dashes, parentheses, and Ellie’s dream to add suspense and to symbolize our fears.

In Ellie’s Story, the author embellishes on the text and adds suspense by using em dashes. For instance, on page 10, Ellie thought, ”I didn’t mind her picking me up-- or not much. “ This shows that Ellie paused after
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Bruce Cameron symbolizes Ellie’s fears by including the dream. For example, on page 30, in the text Ellie thinks, “Sometimes, though, I would dream a bad dream about a boy named Ethan. In the dream, Ethan was swimming in cool green water and then suddenly he would slip beneath the surface. Fear would grip me as I watched him go down until with a cry I would lower my head and plunge after him, eyes and mouth open, straining to reach the boy, who kept sinking, just out of reach.” This shows that dream symbolizes Ellie’s fear of water and not being able to save someone. This also shows that Ellie overcame her fear by saving the boy and jumping in the water to get him. This dream is reoccurring in the text. When a dream is recurring it normally means that you are trying to deal with a certain issue. In this case, Ellie is trying to deal with her fear of water. Ellie knew she had to save the boy because that was her job. To explain further, the author symbolizes fear by using Ellie’s dream to add drama to the …show more content…
Bruce Cameron uses parentheses to add context to the novel. To show this, on page 26 the text says, “(Jakob definitely never did that!)” The author uses parentheses to add background information about a character or an event. The author did this to help the reader to better understand the novel. This also helps the reader to understand the way the author writes and develops characters better. The parentheses are another way to add a sentence without actually adding another sentence. The author, W. Bruce Cameron, uses parentheses to add context in the novel.

Someone might interpret parentheses as something the author wants you to know. This is not correct because this would not work in different cases throughout the novel. The author uses parentheses to add additional information about an event or character in the story. The author does this because it is an unexpected way for readers to figure out extra information about what is happening in the text. The author would not just put parentheses in the text because they want you to know one thing, the author would incorporate something that they want you to know into the

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