How Has Ellie's Identity Changed

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One man’s power and hatred toward a race caused 11 million innocent people to die. This known today as the Holocaust. While many people died few survived including Ellie Wiesel. He experienced it all. He was taken from his home, experienced horrors impossible to imagine, and was rescued. However he would be scared for life. There were many complications that caused Ellies identity to change over time

One way Ellies identity changed was through his loss of faith. He started to question why he should bless God. In the story it says “He caused thousands of children to burn in his mass.” HE questioned why he should have faith in God when he let all these people die. Ellie didn’t understand why everyone should bless him. God let six crematoria working day and night. pg. 67 Ellie just couldn’t bring himself to bless him when every fiber in him rebelled. Ellie also lost faith when his father passed. “It no longer mattered.
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He wanted to give up in the end so bad. Everything he was going through was hard on him and he didn’t think he could take any more of it. Toward the beginning his identity was to keep going, toward the end it was to give up. Ellie didn’t think it would be fair to give up when his father continued to try so hard. Ellies father was dedicated to make it through the hard times. He also wanted to give up at the end more than anything. In a way he basically did. His father died and he didn’t care what happened to him anymore. He didn’t care if he died or not. He didn’t think he had any reason to move forward from that day on. This mental state is a major what that morphed Ellies identity.
In conclusion, Ellie had many complications during this tragic event. He faced many hard times that changed his identity. He wanted to give up a lot of the time. He lost all of his faith. His identity would forever be changed because he faced things not possibly

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