The 's Theory Of Interpersonal Relations Essay

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Health care has changed in a sense that now health care providers want patients to be a part of their healing and disease process. Health care providers include patients more in their health, and nurses have begun educating patients so that they have full understanding of their situation. This wouldn’t have been accomplished if it wasn’t for Hildegard Peplau. Peplau was born September 1, 1909, and passed March 17, 1999. Peplau was an American nurse, and the first published nursing theorist since Florence Nightingale. Peplau created the Theory of Interpersonal Relations, and is known as the “mother of psychiatric nursing” (American nurses Association, 2015). According to Rhodora Cruz Peplau’s theory “marked the first nursing theoretical formulation of the twentieth century” (Rhodora Cruz, 2015). Peplau’s theory of Interpersonal Relations increases patients’ understanding of their circumstances, and empowers them to make changes. Peplau came up with four phases of interpersonal process. The first one is orientation, which is when the patient recognizes the need for help and begins the initiation of nurse-patient relationship. The second one is identification, which is when the patent identifies a problem that needs to be worked on, and the trust level with the nurse is in early stages. The patient will selectively begin to assimilate knowledge and accept interactions with the nurse. Exploration is when the comfort and trust level is established. The patient…

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