Essay on The 's Seven Messages By Stewart Lewis

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Have you ever wanted to know the entire truth even though it could hurt you? Luna a fifteen year old girl did want to know the truth. You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis is mainly about Luna trying to find out how her mother actually passed away. Everyone has told Luna that her mother died by getting hit by a taxi which Luna doesn 't believe fully. Luna thinks that something different had happened and needs the help of friend and family to figure out what really happened. The main characters of this book are Malia Clover, Daria, Oliver, and Jules Clover. Malia Clover more commonly known as Moon or Luna is young girl learning more about her family and the world. Luna is 15 during the time frame of the book and is very smart. The fact that she had figured so much out about her mother in such a short period of time is amazing. The other characters in the book claim that she takes after her mother because she is great at comebacks just like her mother. She also is a character that is extremely easy to connect to due to the fact that she has an intense crush or that her mother has passed away. Also due to the fighting but still loving her father. The next main character is her father Jules Clover he is a major publisher in New York and because of this he missed a lot of Luna’s younger years. He still loved Luna and showed that very much throughout the book. Jules also tried to protect Luna from the truth about her mother this only caused Luna to be even more mad at him…

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