Essay on The 's Global Code Of Conduct

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Degussa group is a multinational corporation represented worldwide on all five continents (Kundenmagazin, 2013). There are 44,000 employees that work for the company in more than 300 locations throughout the world. Although Degussa has a decentralized organization, most of the significant decisions for the company is made in the headquarters. Due to this reason, the organization decided they wanted to bring everyone together by joining all of the cultures. A new corporate culture called “Blue Spirit” was formed, creating a Global Code of Conduct (Kundenmagazin, 2013). The purpose of this policy is to create one company where everyone feels as though they belong to part of a common organization. The Code of Conduct encompasses a reference guide for employee’s daily jobs as well as offer support. The different facets that involve employees and customers are evolving immensely; therefore, accomplishing daily tasks are becoming difficult. The newly created code is to be enforced by every employee in each subsidiary within all corporate, public, and government agencies (Kundenmagazin, 2013). Degussa’s Global Code of Conduct is to be enforced regardless of the local laws or standards each country already applies. The Human Resources department provides training to be able to abide by the code in each location. The organization also welcomes feedback in order to improve or further develop the Code of Conduct. The content included in the code is the scope and objectives,…

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