The Writing Process For Me Essay

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The writing process is characterized by scholars as having a research question, thesis statement, and development of ideas to prove one 's argument. The stream of consciousness allows for one 's thoughts to be recorded without much thought. For most of my papers I relied on this format for outlining and developing arguments. The writing process for me has now changed to one where I analyze, reflect and formulate my ideas. This has allowed for the structure of my papers and ideas to be constructed in an order that is easy to follow. Articles covered in the course varied in subject matter which inherently provided a challenge. The format of the course was broken down into four units that focused on aspects of writing. Argument description and argument analysis worked as a good foundation for interpreting and analyzing readings. Isolating the writer’s arguments without intervening proved to be very difficult. After coming to the realization that the first paper was a descriptive essay of the writer’s arguments. As opposed to an argumentative essay where I interpreted the arguments and mischaracterized the author’s intent. The revision memo assured there was supportive evidence and helped with grammatical errors. Interpreting Martin Luther King’s, I Have a Dream Speech, arguments in unit two was simple. Following unit one’s methodology of isolation, viewing the speech objectively helped analyzed the argumentative structure of the essay. The first portion of the class…

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