Essay about The World Wide Web And The Internet

1644 Words May 9th, 2015 null Page
The World Wide Web, also known simply as the Internet, is a place of constant controversy. In this day and age it is the most influential piece of technology on the current and upcoming generations. With a flick of the finger tips people have access to almost any information they desire. Ranging from the news of natural disasters that happened seconds ago to viral videos of cats doing stupid things; the Internet has the power to convince people that sky is actually red. But moreover, it gives people the power to convince and persuade others to think and believe like them just by typing a few words and hitting enter on the keyboard. The Internet is also a place where people created and maintain their livelihoods. From creating new jobs to simplifying others, without a doubt the free Internet is a much needed resource for every person on the planet. Because of this, the government should not have the authority to regulate the Internet like a utility, such as electricity or natural gas. As the United States was founded upon free speech, The Internet to should be free to grow and change as it pleases, without worry of government interference or censorship. Internet service providers pour millions of dollars into developing their infrastructure to allow people to access the Internet. In 2014, Verizon alone invested 35 billion dollars to lay the groundwork for more people to connect to the Internet (Gandel 53). If the government was allowed to take control over Internet access…

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