The World Of World War II Essay

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World wars appulse everyone and thing involved. The latest world war, World War II specifically, changed how the society is run today. It changed how women affected the economy because they started to work and for African Americans because they progressed within social standards. There also were counter losses that came with it. With the possibility of World War III right in front of Americas’ face, America may soon be discussing propaganda techniques, weapons to use, and the end result of the possible war.
According to Inquistir, “53 percent of respondents n china thought that china and japan would have a shooting war in the next six years, which may inevitably lead to war on a world-wide scale.” It shows that whether it really will happen or not; people assume it will. It is important to be prepared, and it is irrational for people to think it is not possible at all. Many believe it will be a real “world war”. What really should be taken into account is what role propaganda will play in this war as it does in many others.
Propaganda is information used to promote or publicize a cause usually used in commercials, posters, and endorsements. It evokes fear in people, promotes safety and protection, displays enemies for everyone to hate, and overall persuades the people to believe and do as it says. It makes them do it out of whatever they feel from seeing it whether it is angry, sadness, sympathy, or guilt. In World War II, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed and where America…

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