The World Of Politics Bleeds Conflict Essay

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Conflict is seen as a severe disagreement or argument, typically an extended one. It is important to understand the intersection of conflict and issues of diversity which includes gender, class, race, ethnicity and many more. As we as a society live and work closely together in diverse societies it is important we try and avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications. The world of politics bleeds conflict as individuals are all diverse beings with different values and beliefs especially in times of change, like a presidential election. The united states of America recently held an election to elect the future 45th president of America and as a result, president-elect Donald Trump won the electoral college. Hillary Clinton ran against Donald trump and lost but she won the popular vote having more than a million votes than Donald trump, this has caused conflict for a variety of reasons. Primarily due to Donald Trump running a very racist and exclusive campaign that plans on deporting individuals from America and furthers the systemic racism that runs deep in the United States. Furthermore, it is an understatement that many Americans are very upset about the result in many different modes. Most recently occurred at the Broadway musical Hamilton which is about American founding father alexander Hamilton that was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The musical has broken records with 16 tony nominations, winning a Grammy and a Pulitzer Prize for drama.
The conflict that occurred at…

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