The World Of Aviation, The Way We Travel, And Modern Design Essay

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Engineering Drawings Throughout the history of civilization, there have always been a select few individuals whose unique gifts have allowed them to engineer and invent some of history 's most important machines. One of the most popular examples of these individuals, Leonardo Da Vinci, existed during the Italian Renaissance. He was a self-taught engineer, artist, and architect who was always fascinated by art and machinery, famous for being able to intertwine them into his inventions. His contraptions have lead to the creation of many of the machines that we use in the twenty-first century, as his inventions have shaped the evolution of modern warfare, the world of aviation, the way we travel, and modern design. The best weapon a military could use during warfare is fear. This was the strategy that most countries implemented during battles. The main strategy countries use to bring fear into their opponents is by flaunting and maybe even over exaggerating the large scale of their armies. This was the same strategy Italy had used during the renaissance period. In 1482, the future Duke of Milan brought Leonardo Da Vinci to Milan in order to serve as a military engineer. Over the span of 17 years of working for the Sforza clan, he was able to create weapons that had completely changed the way people fought in the battlefield (SparkNotes). The first weapon he designed and built was the giant crossbow. This weapon was purely made to create fear onto its ' opponents. Since it…

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