The World Needed A Balance Of Good And Evil Essays

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until you dry up like an old piece of leather. But I won’t stop there. I’ll have a reaper escort your soul straight to Lulerain where you will suffer for all eternity.”
The demon had a smug look on his face. “You can’t touch me unless you’ve proof I committed a crime. Treaty rules say so.” He referred to the Thalox treaty that had been drawn up long ago, protecting demons from malicious slaughter. Seemed the world needed a balance of good and evil.
Eli snarled. “I make my own rules, and they don’t involve any treaty. Besides, there are no witnesses here to declare what happened to you.”
Cyrus’s black eyes widened with fear. “What d-do you want to k-know?”
“What’s Devon up to?”
“I don’t know,” the punk replied.
Eli grabbed Cyrus’s left hand and placed it on the bar. With lightning speed, he whacked off the demon’s pinky.
“Ow. Motherfuck!” Cyrus cried out. Green blood pooled under his hand.
“Oh. Did I forget to mention that for every lie you tell I’ll remove a body part?” Eli lifted his shoulder. “Oops, my bad.”
The demon grabbed a bar towel and wrapped it around his bleeding hand. “He wants to kill Lucifer.”
Eli let his jaw slip open. “Holy, fuck. He really is insane.” And he has Ashley! “Where is the girl?”
“I don’t know.”
Eli was done playing games with this low life. He grabbed the end of the towel that hung around Cyrus’s fingers, ripped it off as he shoved the demons hand onto the bar. Cyrus’s eyes widened as he yelled, but Eli didn’t heed his pleas. He whacked off his…

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