Essay on The World Is The Problem Of Animal Testing

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There are enormous environmental problems in the world today. People are hearing about global warming, extinction of animal species, wildlife conservation, and animal experimentation. These issues are hard to notice within our daily life. One big problem that has started many arguments in the world is the problem of animal testing. This is because it is related to ethics of animal life and their welfare in the laboratory system. According to the US department of Agriculture Animal (USDA) and Plant and Animal Health Inspection Service (APHIS), 834,453 animals are used for scientific and commercial experimentations in 2014 (USDA, 2). Many scientists argue that animal testing has a great impact on prolonging life for humans. Mostly, laboratory animals are used to develop medication, medical treatment, and check safety for the commercial products for human uses and health care.
In 1985, the Animal Act enhanced standards for animal subjects in laboratories. According to the Animal Welfare and Three Rs, published by Understanding Animal Research, “animals cannot - and should - not be used unnecessarily in research, or allowed to experience avoidable suffering” (2). However, this law especially does not cover or protect laboratory animals such as mice or rats. The Three Rs became the principle technique for animal research in general in order to reduce the animal subjects who are suffering from animal testing, which refer to reduction, replacement and refinement in UK (Cottam…

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