Essay on The Working At Spirit Aerosystems

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Working at Spirit Aerosystems, I experienced a few issues within the training process. There seemed to be little resources available for new employees and interns, and a lack of purposeful time management throughout the whole company. With a company as large as this, including over 12,000 employees, this is a large problem that needs to be fixed. I have in my experience with the company faced problems that many others have faced. like being left without clear goals or objectives to complete, unable to access programs to do work, and not being shown how to use programs or find files and other information to do work. This all creates a significant issue for the output of work, success, and development of each new employee. In fact, speaking with employees of other departments they have experienced the same issues and sometimes have even been left just to watch Netflix for most of their internship experience.

I worked as a financial analyst in the program finance department. Many of my tasks included doing work-in-process inventory of the strut and nacelle parts of the aircraft. I also spent much time calculating the variances of the prices paid for the essential little parts of the aircraft parts, like nuts and bolts. All this work involved working within specific program databases that held massive amounts of information. These databases required specific detailed codes in order to find part numbers and other information that was needed to complete the work. Other key…

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