The Wilderness : Wilderness By Alaska Standards Essay

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On the second day of travel, Chris waded across the Teklanika River when it was low. Once he got to the other side, life was hard for a few weeks, there was a scarce amount of food that Chris was able to generate. In his journal, he included “Weakness,” “Snowed in,” and “Disaster.” (164 Krakauer) Chris began to realize that being unaccompanied had some major drawbacks.
May came, and so did edible plants once the snow thawed. Chris discovered a Fairbanks bus numbered 142, and decided to reside in it. “Ironically, the wilderness surrounding the bus-the patch of overgrown country where McCandless was determined “to become lost in the wild”-scarcely qualifies as wilderness by Alaska standards.” (165 Krakauer) This implies that once Chris really saw what the Alaska wilderness was like, he decided that he did not like the barren lands.
In June, Chris had shot a plentiful amount of meat. Squirrels, porcupines, and various types of birds, along with the best of all, a moose were the result of Chris’s hunting. Unable to preserve the meat correctly gave a bad outcome, maggots infested the food, claiming it unedible. In his journal he writes, “I now wish I had never shot the moose. One of the greatest tragedies of my life.” (167 Krakauer) Up until now, his home life and parents were considered one of the greatest tragedies, but now he gives that title to a dead moose. He feeds the rest of the meat to the wolves, which represents giving what he feels for his parents away and not…

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