Essay on The Wild Animals Should Not Be Treated Behind Closed Doors

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Wildlife in Captivity Throughout the years, we have been made to believe that wildlife in entertainment is fascinating. However, what we do not know, is the way these animals are being treated behind closed doors. Since 1959, SeaWorld has made it seem, as if it is an incredible place for their marine animals. Though, what SeaWorld does not advertise, is how these animals have been captured by SeaWorld’s own poachers. Now SeaWorld is not the only entertainment park that exploits their wild animals for entertainment. There a number of carnivals and circus animals that are in captivity as well, these animals are cage for the majority of their life. Therefore, these animals are made to perform day in and day out for a large crowd for the rest of their lives. Life in captivity for exotic animals, such as killer whales and carnival animals can cause a serious amount of stress and anxiety which can lead to a serious psychosis. In 2013, CNN released a documentary called “Blackfish” were it shows how the life of orca whales have been in confinement. SeaWorld composes one of the largest chains of marine parks in the United States, that range from San Diego, Orlando, and San Antonio Texas. In 2002,
Gargasz 2 a press release told how four fraternity brothers’ had a dream about opening up an underwater restaurant. This idea eventually would lead them to open up` an amusement park known as SeaWorld; however, what is not told is…

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