Seaworld Blackfish Summary

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Seaworld Struggles to Recover from “Blackfish”
Many of us have seen the documentary “Blackfish”. Whether or not you agree or disagree with Seaworld and their practices, one thing is for sure, Seaworld’s sales are hurting and it is all thanks to “Blackfish”. The documentary “Blackfish” surrounds the orca ‘Tilikum’ who is currently held in captivity at Seaworld, Orlando.
For the past two years, Seaworld has been struggling desperately to bring up profits and attendance through marketing, discounts, and promotions.
Seaworld has been airing commercials where they are telling us not to believe what we hear (as in, do not believe Blackfish). They tell us that “We do not collect orcas from the wild. And we have not for 35 years.” Oh, Seaworld, good for you and all but I think you are conveniently choosing to miss the point. We know you no longer go and capture whales, we get that.
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Well of course, they would interview former employees. Current Seaworld employees would not want to be interviewed because they would fear losing their job.
Seaworld has also stated that “no one knows for sure how long killer whales live” ( They have also stated that orcas live for about 30 - 50 years. That is, in captivity. In 2014, along Canada’s west coast a 103 year old orca was spot swimming with her ‘pod’.
Seaworld has also launched a website called ‘’. The site is filled with their environmental work, the animals they’ve saved, and, of course, the ‘truth’ about their killer whale care.
Will there ever be a time where Seaworld does not have performing whales or will they always have their current whales breed to keep a steady flow of new performers? It does not seem like they have a plan to stop the breeding of orcas in captivity. The orcas are their star. The moneymaker. They can not survive without those

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