The Way That Fashion, Fitness, And Marketing Influences Our Society

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The way that fashion, fitness, and marketing influences our society fascinates me; I am constantly looking at how to influence current and future trends through multiple channels. Having many successes under my belt, I have come to realize that one of the keys to my success has been the solid marketing foundation I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

After earning my Associates in Applied Science for Advertising & Marketing Communications from this illustrious program, I embarked on an exciting and diverse career path covering multiple industries. This amazing journey was facilitated by the lessons I learned from my knowledgeable FIT instructions, who were all leaders in their profession. This is one of many reasons why I remain a loyal FIT alum.

I began by applying my talents, honed at FIT, to a position in an advertising agency. Gaining experience and industry knowledge exponentially by the day, I soon took on
New and more challenging positions, including serving as a marketing consulting for the successful launch of a national chain of cocktail lounges. Having a broad breath of knowledge, I ensured a cohesive image for the company based on their mission statement and business plan, including identifying and enhancing their ‘USP’. By utilizing my unparalleled fashion skills and creativity, I not only engaged in traditional branding and marketing practices, was also instrumental in designing staff uniforms to complement brand representation. We…

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