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Personal Statement for Sue Nichols
While sitting in the parking lot talking on my cell phone I was watching how people were interacting with each other especially strangers. Some would speak with to the other person while others would ignore the other person. I also watch what people would do with their shopping carts. Some would return it to the buggy park while others would leave it in an empty parking stall. I am a people watcher and I enjoy watching how people interact with others. I personally find the study of social problems interesting as well as the development of structure and human society (Reader’s Digest pg 1443).
The main reason that I decided on this particular program is that I could complete the whole program online and
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Some of the reasons for this could be that their spouse has become accustom to and learn to do things on their own since deployment. An example of this is raising and disciplining the children or paying the bills. This could make the returning the veteran feel left out or not needed and a long deployment could cause damage to the relationship. Veterans returning to a job may not always be returning to their old position or they have to learn new skills for their old position and they experience fear of losing his/her job. Another cause of anxiety for veterans is attempting to find employment after military deployment and having to create a resume. One of the biggest issues facing the veteran and their families is dealing with Veterans Affairs. Most veterans do not want to admit that they have a problem or an issue. Most will avoid and or find it difficult to file paperwork for a claim. Another problem for some veterans is that they will have to learn how to make appointments with the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, and such. Another large social issue that faces many veterans and their families is PTSD or Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder. This was one of my husband’s biggest social issues. Many veterans do not want to admit that they have PTSD, which can and or often does causes problems in readjustment. Depression, isolation, rage, avoidance of feelings/alienation, survivor’s …show more content…
When I finish the program I hope to be able to use this degree to make a veteran’s re-entry into society less painful, stressful and frustrating. I also hope to ease the challenges of readjustment for veteran’s spouses and children. The veteran’s and his family need to make the time to discuss and listen about their experiences, especially the experiences during the separation to enable them to deal with the changes that they now see in each other. I know myself how difficult it is to deal with the anger, the growth of an individual, the tension and tenseness in a relationship. It is my hope and desire to that I shall be able to ease their adjustment for veterans and their

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