The Washington Capitals Play Against Edmonton Oilers Essay

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On November 23, I went to see Washington Capitals play against Edmonton Oilers. I chose the event because never had the chance to watch a Hockey game. I have seen other sports like Football, Soccer, Tennis, and etc. These past events have some similarities between the emotions and fans they have. Also, I had a great time attending these games and learn the difference between the sports. I got no permission from nobody, and I decided for myself. The only person I ask is my friend Michael and some friends. However, the things would have trouble was getting permission from other people to be record or photograph without their knowledge. I did consider forming a statement granting me permission the people I’ve interacted. It wouldn’t work at all because having each person sign the paper. What I did I spoke to the people I’ve talked and photograph asking them, and if I could have their permission to photographed or talked to use the information for my research. The game was at the Verizon Center where the Washington Capitals plays at home. They played at 7 p.m.versusing Edmonton Oilers. The away team is from Canada and belong to the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. Both teams play for National Hockey League. The Washington Capitals where they are members of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference. The people who went to the event with me was my friends Michael, Phil, Sergio, and Andy. It was five males including myself and met before the game to get…

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