Persuasive Essay On Fighting For Concussions

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Imagine you are a professional hockey player in the National Hockey League, or NHL. You grew up around hockey and the sport became your lifestyle. You started playing it by the time you could walk and because you loved it, you stuck with it with one goal in mind: to be a player in the NHL. You weren’t the best athlete on the teams you played for, but you were still good enough to make them—and you were one tough player. Finally, you got the one thing you always wanted and an NHL team drafts you. You still aren’t the best player in the league, but you don’t care because you made it to the NHL and you’re going to fight to stay there. You go out, game after game, working hard to improve your game in hopes of being a key player for your team. What happens though, was not what you expected to happen. One night, your team is playing against the number one ranked team in the NHL for that season, and you are in the lineup. You go out for your first shift and one of the opposing team members performs an illegal check on one of your team’s young players. Everyone on your team immediately goes after him in attempts to stick up for …show more content…
Austin Murphy, a journalist for Sports Illustrated, found that “the NHL has reported that only 8% of the concussions incurred by its players last season were fight-related” (Murphy). This is an important fact for the people against fighting to realize. Fighting occurs in hockey games, yes, but there is not a fight every single game. More often, players will get a concussion from a hard check, rather than from engaging in a fight. Other professional sports, such as the NFL, do not allow fighting, and yet they still are plagued with concussions. If the NHL is to rid the sport of fighting because they want to prevent concussions, they might as well get rid of all body contact completely. This, however, would completely ruin the

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