Essay On Being A Hockey Player

Imagine you are a professional hockey player in the National Hockey League, or NHL. You grew up around hockey and the sport became your lifestyle. You started playing it by the time you could walk and because you loved it, you stuck with it with one goal in mind: to be a player in the NHL. You weren’t the best athlete on the teams you played for, but you were still good enough to make them—and you were one tough player. Finally, you got the one thing you always wanted and an NHL team drafts you. You still aren’t the best player in the league, but you don’t care because you made it to the NHL and you’re going to fight to stay there. You go out, game after game, working hard to improve your game in hopes of being a key player for your team. What …show more content…
Therefore, you are being loyal to your team by putting the greater good of the outcome of the game before retribution” (Lewinson and Palma 111). This argument assumes that the other team will be punished one hundred percent of the time for their wrongdoings and that this is why there is no need to fight. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The referees on the ice do not see every hit and illegal play, and cannot call everything. Also, the referees cannot provide loyalty to one team and need to remain unbiased. This is why having fighting, as a way to police other players and to keep their play clean, is good. This is where the enforcers can showcase their loyalty to their team, by doing what the referees failed to do and sending a message that they will protect their teammates. Fighting an opponent who did harm to a teammate does not mean enforcers are simply engaging in retribution. Yes, enforcers are giving “just desserts” the to guys that did wrong, but by fighting, they are also strengthening the relationships with their teammates by proving their loyalty and

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