The War Of The American Civil War Essay

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The United States during the early 1800’s was a fast-growing nation with expanding borders and growing discontent. There were four basic underlying causes that led to the American Civil War. The first seed of discontent was economic attitudes and opposing views on slavery. Then there was state rights, which were always a source of argument between the north and south with both wanting ultimate control starting at the time of the drafting of the constitution. The last straw was the election of President Lincoln who was anti-slavery. Slavery, however, was the most obvious reason for the war and the most significant cause of the American Civil War. The first seed of discontent that led to the American Civil War was the division of the North and South regions in economic attitudes and the views on slavery. The south found slavery good because they were dependent on slavery. The invention of the cotton gin stimulated changes from other crops to cotton which made the south a one crop economy. This one crop economy increased the need for slaves which were cheap labor. The north found slavery bad because they were not dependent on slaves in the factories. The north economy was based on industry more than agriculture and with the influx of immigrants for labor they did not need slaves and claimed to be more free. The second cause that led to the American Civil War was slavery or more accurately the future of slavery. Southern slave states wanted slavery in the…

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