The War Of New Orleans And The British Invasion Of Washington

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The War of 1812 was fought between America and Britain from June 1812 to December 1814. This conflict was centralized to North America, ranging from American invasions of Canada to naval battles. Both sides had their prominent victories, including the successful American defense of New Orleans and the British invasion of Washington D.C. The Treaty of Ghent, signed on December 24, 1814, ended the war. The treaty declared that the two nations would return to pre-war relations, including trade relations and lands gained or lost. While the War of 1812 had a negligible impact on the United States’ dealings with England, it was very consequential in fueling the American desire for westward expansion. The outcome of the war strengthened American self-reliance and manufacturing, minimized the threat of hostile Native Americans, and increased American patriotism that resulted in America’s drive to conquer the west. The post-war rights and obligations between the Americans and British remained very similar to their pre-war status. The resolution of the conflict did nothing to increase the territorial holdings of either country. Many of the issues that created the conflict were largely left unresolved. The end of the conflict with the Americans was at times almost an afterthought for the British, who had their attention on an enemy closer to home. The War of 1812 was brought to a conclusion by negotiations that resulted in the Treaty of Ghent. In 1813, Czar Alexander I of Russia…

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