The Chinese Exclusion Act

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In the 1850s, many Chinese immigrants moved to America because of the gold and jobs opportunities. In 1882, President Chester Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act (Lee 1882-1924). Which this document stated as the Chinese immigrants would be banned, and looking for work for 10 years (Lee 1882-1924). The Chinese Exclusion Acts were federal laws passed in 1882, 1892, and 1902 to prevent Chinese immigration to the United States(Glory 1900-1906) . Some of the rights of Chinese to immigrate to the United States received formal protection.
In 1879, Congress passed an act stating Chinese immigration, but the act was vetoed by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, however, suspended Chinese immigration completely
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agreed to commence peace negotiations in January 1814, but the talks were delayed until July. Both nations began negotiations with unrealistic demands. The U.S. wanted an end to all objectionable British maritime practices and also demanded cessions of Canadian territory. Britain sought a neutral Indian buffer state in the American Northwest and wanted to revise both the American-Canadian boundary and the 1783 Treaty of Paris that had established U.S. independence. They finally agreed to return to the antebellum status quo in a treaty signed at Ghent, Belgium, on Dec. 24, 1814.” Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia also says the Treaty of Ghent failed to secure U.S. maritime rights.. Britain never again pursued its disputes with the U.S. to the point of risking war. The U.S. did not conquer Canada, but Indian opposition to American expansion in the Northwest and Southwest was broken.
Mexico became independent in the 1810s in need of peoples to work the land. The Mexican-American war was from 1846-1848. The United States gained most of the western states. The cause of the war was James k.Polk really wanted the Mexican territory . Polk and Zachary Taylor blockaded the mexicans and then the Exploration of California came along. It also created states that exist today and how they earn their
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On one end, it gained massive amounts of territory before the reception of the territory. On the other end, the aftermath of the war led to the disruptions in Congress and the buildup of hatred between the North and South for each had a specific stance when it came to the problem/practice of slavery Mexico, on the other side, suffered horribly by the outcome of the war (Lee). Not only did it lose a large amount of territory, but it also lost much of its governmental stability due to the political uprising that took place after the war. Angered by U.S. imperialism and territorial ideology, Mexico no longer believed in anything the U.S. did or said (Lee).
Armstrong says The American Revolution began on the night of 10 June 1772, it was initially caused by the taxation of the colonists by British Parliament following the end of the 7 Years ' War, or the French & Indian War. This was pursued more in the North as opposed to the South because of political differences in the two regions. Massachusetts was the leading contributor to this movement as the early battles which fueled the build-up of the American Continental Army in the North were fought in the boundaries of that state. These included the Lexington and Concord Battle of Bunker

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