The Norton Mix: American History: Article Analysis

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In the book, “The Norton Mix: American History”, there are two articles regarding the Chinese exclusion act. The first article is about a democratic senate from Oregon, James Harvey Slater, who voiced his proposal in 1882 at the senate house. Slater is in favor of the Chinese exclusion and believes in white American protestant religion. Slater’s opponent is a Republican named, Robert G. Ingersoll. Ingersoll voiced his proposal eleven years later on July 1893 in the same room when Slater voiced his. Ingersoll is an agnostic, well educated, republican. In this summary, the reader will know both the opinions and views of each speaker. To start at the beginning, James Harvey Slater stated that the Chinese emigrants are coming into the west coast, …show more content…
Ingersoll has decided to step up and try to repeal the Chinese exclusion act. Ingersoll begins his proposal my saying that the average American has no imagination. This method is called emotional bias and is used to make people make decision due to emotional factors. Ingersoll continues to support this claim by saying those who speak a different language, have a different religion, or have different customs are beyond concept of the unimaginative mind. After that, Ingersoll says that America has always considered itself better than immigrants and is far superior. Ingersoll then says that America have been acting this way with any race that has immigrated over here, whether it’d be Germans, Italians, or the Irish. He also says that other races have improved over time and have taken on everyday American jobs without any issues. Following that claim, Ingersoll supports the Chinese by saying that they’re offensive and law-abiding human beings. Not only that, he says that the Chinese are honest hardworking people that don 't interfere with others. Ingersoll mentions that they aren 't the worst because they smoke opium and do not beat their wives. Ingersoll continues to try to play with the emotions of the senators by saying that the employers are the only friends that the Chinese have and here the Chinese are being ridiculed and expelled from the land when they haven 't done anything wrong. He backs this claim up by bringing in how the expulsion act is against America’s constitution and declaration of independence. Not only that, Ingersoll states how the Chinese were deprived of their rights, property, and many were maimed or murdered. Another claim that Ingersoll has is that America has plenty of space for the Chinese. There are millions of acres of land that can be plowed and opened up for anyone. Following this claim, Ingersoll says that the Chinese only ask for be simple job workers such as servant type work or any day

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