Essay The War Little Girl ( Daisy ) Ad

1304 Words Dec 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout political campaigns in history we have seen many different evolutions from debates to political ads on television. Since political ads became big in 1952, there have been a few ads that have made a large mark, and even some that have changed the course of political campaigning. Few of the oldies-but-goodies have been updated, repurposed, and made prevalent in this year’s election cycle. One of these ads was put on television in 1964 by the Lyndon Johnson campaign and was redone and reused by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. This ad is known as the Peace Little Girl (Daisy) ad in 1964 and called Daisy in 2016 as titled on the Living Room Candidate website. In these two ads I will look at the common themes and discuss how their uses of visual images in a shortened message, along with the use of fragmentation and fear, ultimately stimulate the audience to participate in the upcoming elections, and how the 1964 ads’ negative concepts may have inspired the 2016 ad, to take a more positive and personal stance. First I will look at the 1964 Ad and explain all of its features and functions, next I will look at the 2016 ad and discover its features and functions and finally I will look at how the reactions of the 1964 ad affects the 2016 ad in potentially a powerful way and why this is relevant to the political world. When analyzing political ads it is important to understand the many aspects that go into them, including visuals, short message, and persuading…

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