The Wage Gap Between Men And Women Essay example

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Does the workplace in the modern era still have Gender Pay Gap? We as Americans have been trying for years to make sure everyone have equal rights while being in the U.S. In the U.S we are focused on the pay rate of jobs because money makes life easier. So when we discuss the pay rate in the U.S. we seem to overlook the pay between men and women. Both genders that have the same experience along with schooling still seem to have discrepancy in their pay. Most people overlook the discrepancy at abroad. But, when looking at in depth it is rather alarming at the difference. We do not notice that much at the entry level, but at the professional level it is rather disturbing. An analysis of the gender pay within the United States has shown that there is still a pay gap between men and women. Why does the U.S. have such a tremendous wage gap between men and women? Women have been trying to have equal pay to men. Women have made huge strides since the 1950’s when most women were stay at home moms. But, when women started getting into the workforce the male population kept working. Women are still battling the wage gap because males have been working longer than women have. As referenced by O’Niell (1985), “A sex differential in wages of about 40% as measured by full-time annual earnings has persisted in the United States for at least 4 decades” (p.92). Its like women have not been in the workforce and there are just entering. They have been working side by side with men for…

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