Three Waves Of Feminism Essay

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While women have come a very long way throughout time when it comes to rights and the way they are viewed there is still a lot more ground to cover. There are three waves of feminism which span different time periods and cover different struggles that have been overcome for women. Many diverse issues have been covered in the first three waves but there is still a lot to be done not only with things that weren’t touched on in the first three but also defining and taking a new stance or approach on the critical problems faced in the first three waves. There are a lot of new perspectives that have come about especially since the third wave that need to be brought to the discussion. If there was a fourth wave covering what the first three may have missed I believe its many focus would be on sexual abuse, slut-shaming, women in the work world and the views on the word “feminism” itself.
The first wave of feminism took place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It began in July of 1848 with the Seneca Falls Convention. The convention, which was fighting for women’s suffrage was run by
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Without the first three waves of feminism women wouldn’t have the right to vote or have jobs and would still be looked at as only housewives. Things have transformed incredibly because of the first three waves of feminism and the fourth wave is only going to help further progress the work already done. The media and internet have added a lot of new issues to the mix and made them more frequent especially because back then there was only word of mouth or reading about something in the paper. Not only has this created newer problems for women but also has digressed the issues that were discussed in some of the other waves. Sexual abuse, slut-shaming, women in the workplace, and the word feminism are all things that should be addressed in a Fourth wave of

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