The Voice Behind Animals On Testing Essays

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The Voice behind Animals on Testing In today’s world, we continuously come in contact with problems that can become controversial. One problem that has been predominantly occurring in our nation is Animal Testing or Experimentation. This epidemic has grown drastically over the years and continues to bring about disputes day to day. Familiar house hold items are part taking in this epidemic and the average, everyday person does not realize that by buying these products we are constantly adding fuel to the fire. Brands such as Avon, Cover girl, Maybelline, Chap Stick, Johnson and Johnson, Lysol, and Windex, all use this method to test the effectiveness of their products also to address any cautious measures they need to take upon in their products. Over the years, I have always heard of this method and never approved it to be a beneficial or a helpful tactic. I believe that it is not just morally wrong to inflict harm on animals; it is also unjust that we test products on innocent animals to convey the result for our own benefit. This paper will discuss specific plans providing accurate information based on animal testing, companies receive benefits from animal testing, and the overall goal of animal testing.
What it is
Animal testing is commonly known as animal experimentation or animal research. This topic often brings about tremendous controversy and arguments. Scientist’s and factories often find this method to be useful or beneficial while testing certain products on…

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