The Vision And Vision Of Maize Public Schools

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A vision statement is a statement of a school district’s ideal outcome for its students. It should be what all of the members of the organization are working toward. The vision should not come from the superintendent, but the superintendent should have equal influence in its creation. The vision should be formulated from collective beliefs of the district faculty. Based on the beliefs, a vision can be formulated. The current vision statement for USD 266 is “By 2017, Maize USD 266 will be in the top 5% of all school district in the state of Kansas”. This vision was created in 2012-2013 school year as part of the district’s five year strategic plan. I interviewed our current superintendent, Chad Higgins, about the vision. He felt that it was …show more content…
I also thought about the diverse range of students in our district and what should be non negotiable for any student who attends Maize Public Schools. Beginning with my core beliefs, I compiled this list:
I believe that schools should be safe places for children
I believe schools should be child centered learning environments
I believe we should lead by
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I would work with operations staff and school administrators to conduct regular security and safety inspections and audits in every district property. I would enlist staff and parent input on how to make schools student centered and would continuously emphasize the importance of learning through communications, developing schedules, selecting curriculum, and organizing professional learning opportunities. I would encourage all school staff to consider, as I did, how they would wish their own children to be treated and to treat their students the same. In kind, I would endeavor to lead how I would want to be led with achievement always at the forefront of my mind. Setting high expectations for district administrators and setting an expectation that they do the same for their teachers would model the expectation for students by their teacher. Involving stakeholders in decisionmaking, inviting parents into the schools and community members to district events, showcasing students and their work for parents and community will build bonds. Above all, I would not attempt to do any of this alone. In order for a vision to be realized, it must be collectively conceived with acceptance by

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