The Virgin Mary Character Analysis

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There's more than one queen bee in this story besides the honey producing one and that is the Virgin Mary, she affected the story in a positive way and guided some of the decisions characters had to make. Just like a queen bee that lives in a beehive, Mary acted as a guide and idol to look up to and follow. She is also seen as a mother figure to everyone in the story, especially Lily as well as many others. It is very apparent how much everyone idolizes Mary because they have a statue called "Our Lady in Chains" that they worship. "She was black as she could be, twisted like driftwood from being out in the weather, her face a map of all the storms and journeys she'd been through. Her right arm was raised, as if she was pointing the way, except her fingers were closed in a fist. It gave her a serious look, like she could straighten you out if necessary (4.29-30)." In this story The Virgin Mary is turned into a motherly figure rather than the traditional symbol that it usually represents in many religions. Mary is normally used as a religious figure in many religions …show more content…
Lily ended up accumulating information regarding her mother, but didn't get the news she expected and the yearning for a mother figure became even greater. When she first saw the Mary statue that the Boatwright sisters and so many others worshiped, she was infatuated with it and immediately felt connected to it and immediately used it as a mother figure in her life. People said that the "Lady in Chains" gave them power and believed that everyone has the voice of Mary inside of them, which was saying that everyone has maturity and can be their own mother figure and be independent. The Daughters of Mary believed that Mary would guide them in the right path, help them heal, and give them power as a women in a mans

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