The Village Of Jaxon Essay

2139 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Once upon a time in the village of Jaxon, lived a young couple and their seven children. The couple was very poor.They had six girls and one boy. The father would often go to the edge of town looking for any work. The mom would get the kids on the bus and then go to her factory job. She only made a quarter for the week. Many days the dad would come back dirty and looking like he had a hard day. Many times the men would say they had work and would pay, really they just wanted free workers. The only boy was named Casper. He was adventurous and loved to explore the desert, which was on the outskirts of town. His parents Cyra and Crash didn’t like him out there because of the people. Casper’s birthday was coming up and he was hoping that just maybe his parents would let him go explore the desert. After school Casper and his sisters would come home and do homework and then when they finished they would go out and play in the streets. Around five their mom would make it home and go inside and start making dinner. Their dad showed up about 6 and then everyone would go in and eat. On this particularly day their father Crash didn’t show up at his usual time. It wasn’t a big deal at first because his dad could still be working which happened often. The next evening his dad didn’t show again. His mom got frantic and decided she was going to the edge of town tomorrow to look for him. In the morning the kids got on the bus and then their mom went to the edge of town. She seen nothing.…

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