Meng Tzu Case Study

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4) What does Meng tzu mean by “a heart sensitive to the suffering of others?” Why does he claim that this defines our humanity, and why does it need to be developed if we are to be ethical or truly humane? What are the other three “seeds” which make up the
“sensitive heart,” and how do they become developed? Why is the development of each a necessary part of humaneness? Meng Tzu stated, “A heart sensitive to the suffering of others” which means that a person that has nothing but compassion and love for others. Meng Tzu believes love and compassion defines our humanity. If an individual develops their heart, they are considered to be moral or humane, whereas an unethical person who has not developed their heart, will most likely act solely
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Do you believe that the claim is true? Why or why not? The statement, “If God does not exist, then there is nothing prohibited” means that if God created all things that are good, but it turns out that He does not exist, then there is nothing considered bad nor good, there are only actions. The Divine Command Theory states that an act is considered good, moral or just only because of the authorization of a supreme being such as, God. However, Moral realism is the belief that there are only objective truths about morality and nothing else governs that. I agree with moral realism because even if God did not exist, there is still a clear distinction between what is right and …show more content…
In that state of nature we respond to others in three different ways. First, competition, which is what we invade to take what another has for ourselves. Second, diffidence, which is when we fear another and have a desire for safety in order to retain what we already have. Lastly, the strife for glory, which is when we worry about appearing significant in another’s eyes. A society with laws and moral codes can be instituted from a state of nature because Hobbes believed a society is formed is due to fear and the desire for security. Laws and moral codes must be backed up by force because a society works best when people work together rather than trying to gain individual dominance over another. Since society is like a “social contract”, it is believed that punishment is necessary otherwise people would break the rules every time it was in their interest to do so. Absolute sovereignty is the ideal government because, according to Hobbes, is most able to keep the peace. Civil power is used to force everyone to follow what they have agreed to in terms of the “social contract” to protect us from ourselves. It is necessary to make sure that an individual is too afraid of the punishment to try and gain dominance over another so the peace can be

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