Man's Nature Is Evil By Hsun Tzu Analysis

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In Hsün Tzu’s “Man’s Nature is Evil,” It becomes apparent that he has done much thought upon the subject of man's nature. Hsün Tzu What's a philosopher in the time of 300 to about 230 BCE. His writings consisted of well-developed arguments that contributed to the Chinese philosophy of legalism. He believed that inherently humans are evil, and must be taught by Society how to act civil. Strangely, his writings did not confer with the ideas at the time as most believed that humans were inherently good. His ideals were concurrent with today's. He was well-educated and writes like many do today. He writes with a thesis and works to prove it. He was a confucian However he disagreed with many of them on the ideal that nature is inherently good, as …show more content…
It seems that he believes that like animals humans inherently are looking out for their survival and their own needs over others. naturally, if Society had no rules, if a human was hungry they would have no trouble morally stealing food from another human. However, Society has changed the human that is hungry to be able to act within Society standards and be proper. Instead of acting on the ravenous hunger that lay Within instinctually driving the human to conquer it, the human has a conscious in which can be trained to do away with animalistic Behavior. Emotions are very natural, the author believes that acting upon them damages a person's ability to do their proper duties. This is believable when one thinks of mental health days that one may need to take because they are emotions are uncontrollable. one can believe that humans have a nature that is inherently evil through the analogies that Sun Tzu presents before them in his argument. he argues that warped wood must be straightened as an animal like human must be taught the proper ways of society or they will never change just as the wood will not naturally change to be straightened. A dull metal rod must be sharpened just as the Mind must be of a human. there is nothing one can do to improve their sight or taste, however there is much one can do to improve their education and acquiring habits to make one more proper. It seems that it is the mind and intelligence, the ability of a human to learn to be proper, that separates Humanity from the Animal Kingdom. It is interesting to think that humans wish that they were inherently good, which is why when most would answer the question if they believe they are good or evil inherently, they would likely suggest that they are good. however, it does not seem to be a bad thing to be inherently evil. It seems to be that of something that is righteous that Society has been able to overcome the barbaric

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