The Views On Abortion And Abortion Essay

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The Views on Abortion Abortion has been a subject where it is a not an easy subject to discuss. People who are for it and against it are not wrong because it is there situation and their choice to make what is right for them. Is it right and okay for the women to do it? Some women do regret it because it is wrong but if they don’t have the money and not in the right state of mind for a baby then I believe it is their choice to make a decision they believe it is best for them. In this research paper it will focus on the process of abortion, cost, pros/cons, should it become a law, case studies, and can women be denied to abortion? All very important topics people should discuss for something to know and for someone’s own good. Abortion started when women helped each other out to abort for one another and also helping conceive. Also Europe and the United States had women who heal the others and trained them to do abortion surgery. States didn’t prohibit abortion until the 19th centuries and it has become a crime and sin to families for years. Abortion was illegal and it also was necessary for women to do surgery if it was necessary to save the mothers life. There were other ways to abort the child other than surgeries now days. Women would insert knitting needles and coat hangers into the vagina and uterus. They also swallowed very strong drugs or chemicals to kill the fetus. The process in abortion seems easy but women have to go through a lot to get that fetus out of…

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