The Video Killing Us Softly Essay

797 Words Jan 27th, 2015 4 Pages
One ad that illustrates some of the major gender issues that was discussed in the video Killing Us Softly is an ad for Hydroxycut that is found in the March issue of ebony magazine. Ebony magazine is a magazine aimed at African Americans of all ages, and varying educational and economical levels. Most of the articles within ebony magazine give information on issues that particularly affect African Americans. It also has a lot of information about African American celebrities. The advertisement is for a pill named Hydroxycut. The pill is advertised to assists people in losing weight by increasing energy, burning calories, and controlling appetite. The Hydroxycut ad is advertised towards women and it follows an article that tells women how to dress for different occasions. Some of the gender issues that that this ad illustrate is how women don’t try hard enough to be beautiful, how women should be thin, how women are supposed to change who they are and how the most important thing about women is how they look. This ad illustrates those gender issues through a before and after picture, a picture of a Karen Brandon looking at herself in the mirror and a statement from her telling how Hydroxycut changed her life. The before and after photo shows a very negative image of Karen Brandon in a bathing suite before, and after she lost 32 pounds while using Hydroxycut. The photo is negative because Karen Brandon was not that overweight in the before picture, sending a message that…

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