Essay The Video Killing Us Softly 4

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The difference between the sexes has been accentuated in advertisements for years. Companies know the way our society is structured and it gives them an easy split of demographic to pander and sell to. Sex sells, and it sells differently to men than to women. Businesses capitalize and, push their ideals further and further continuing to shape our views of both sexes as a whole. The video Killing us softly 4 clearly shows the drastic differences between how men and women are presented and marketed to in advertisements. The first most important aspect is how women and men are displayed in advertisements. Often women are shown as weak and childish; always in need of a man to come protect and save her. When a woman is shown as sexy she is splayed out for the consumer to take like an object. The message sent is that women who are attractive only benefit their lover or men in general. They are not seen as people in advertisements, they are objects for pleasure. Men, on the other hand, are shown as strong and controlling to an extreme degree. It helps to perpetuate the society’s ideal of a strong protector. Men are shown as better than women, as people who are strong healthy and insensitive. The men are shown to get what they want,when they want it, whether it’s a product or sex.This is a clear split. Men are empowered but women are infantilized, creating a harsh power fantasy. Because men are shown as strong and women are shown weak, it’s often reflected in how we live in…

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