Essay on The Victorian Public Health And Wellbeing Plan

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This report will discuss the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2019 that aims to reduce avoidable burden of disease/injury so all individuals health and wellbeing is improved. The priority areas within the plan will be listed, with ‘healthier eating and active living’ being the main focus. Several at-risk population groups targetted in the plan will be mentioned, with low socio-economic groups specifically being discussed. The determinants of health will also be explored in the report with the social determinants; education, transport and early years of life being more thoroughly looked at. Overall the report will provide an overview of the relationship between the three social determinates of health chosen, the priority area ‘healthier eating and active living’ and the health outcomes for low socio-economic groups.

Description of Plan
The overall objective of the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2019 which was created by the Victorian Government (2015), is to improve health and wellbeing by reducing social inequties and preventing avoidable burden of disease/injuries. The plan includes six priority areas which are specific areas of health that are focused on (Victorian Government, 2015). These areas are based on the major causes of poor health and wellbeing that can be prevented through appopriate actions and also cause the largest inequalities across the population (Victorian Government, 2015). The six priority areas are;…

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