Healthy Health Campaign: Shape Up Australia

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Shape Up Australia

A campaign through which the Australian Government partners with organisations with the aim of supporting healthy lifestyle choices to help Australians to reduce their waistline measurements (to a healthy standard)
To improve their overall health and wellbeing.
Partners with organisations to enable a better co-ordinated approach to obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle activities.
Shape up Australia is apart of the Australian Government 's National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health within the states and regions in order to help all Australians lessen their waist measurements and enhance their general health and wellbeing.
Shape up Australia was introduced by The Australian National Preventive Health Agency
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A lifestyle and behavioural approach aims to change the everyday actions of individuals and communities with the encouragement of healthy living options and actions in order to improve health. Examples of this in general may be campaigns promoting healthy eating and weight loss, or quit smoking advertisements.The aims of Shape Up Australia is to reduce and prevent the incidence of an unhealthy lifestyle contributing to poor health. The campaign uses a basis by focusing on diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes that can come as a result of poor lifestyle behaviour choices, a direction by implementing ways to improve the risk factors related to the individuals behaviour of an unhealthy lifestyle such as information sheets, recipes, and advertising their brand, and thirdly, an emphasis on the role the individual plays in improving their own health status as stated on the Shape Up Website “The way you live your life now, even when you’re young, will impact on your future health. Evidence shows that improving your diet and being more physically active can help prevent or delay the onset of some chronic diseases. Also you will find that the changes you make to your diet and physical activity now can greatly increase your energy, help you sleep better and reduce the risk of depression.” For example Shape Up Australia is soon to release a Shape Up app offering: a twelve week meal plan that …show more content…
Shape Up Australia provides the motivation required presenting it in an attractive way to assist in changing the attitudes of Australians. The campaign focuses on informing individuals of all the negatives that come with an unhealthy lifestyle and pushes the positives of a healthy lifestyle in the hope that it will change individuals attitudes enough to make the change.
Socioeconomic Factors (social and economic experiences that shape a persons personality, attitude and life style, having a large influence of the chances of exposure to an unhealthy lifestyle). The combination of the individuals work experience and economic/social position is based upon
Education: Shape Up Australia equips individuals with knowledge and skills to live a healthy lifestyle. It provides enough information to prevent poor education (regardless of prior education to following Shape Up Australia) on matters such as health. The website provides pages dedicated to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, fact sheets on how to make positive changes and a range of resources that help make it easier to make healthy lifestyle choices designed specifically to help reduce waist measurements and improve overall health.
For example: “Why Shape Up?”, “National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults” and “Portions, Shape Up With Smaller

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