Essay on The Victor Valley Family Resource Center

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The Victor Valley Family Resource Center (VVFRC) believes that the City of Hesperia is wrongfully putting the stability of their program and clients at risk. The Victor Valley Family Resource Center is a charity that provides supervised transitional housing and many other services to the community, including those who are difficult to place.

A large portion of the VVFRC’s clients are those that need a second chance due to being on parole or probation for criminal convictions leaving them in need of a home. VVFRC is keeping these people off of the streets and providing support and encouragement. VVFRC says that their client recidivism rate is only 6% in comparison to the 56% national rate according to the National Institute of Justice.

A federal lawsuit against the city of Hesperia on behalf of the VVFRC and six of their clients was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Wednesday. The lawsuit challenges what ACLU officials are calling “attempts to unlawfully restrict housing and support services for individuals with criminal records”. The suit argues that efforts by Hesperia to shut down three transitional homes are intended to banish residents released on probation, ACLU officials said.

“The city’s efforts to shutter these homes is little more than an attempt to banish individuals with criminal records from their community,” said Adrienna Wong, a staff attorney with the ACLU SoCal. “That’s unacceptable and violates the California Constitution and the…

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