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Have you ever been scared? Of course you have, everyone has. The book “People Call me Crazy” was written by Gary Paulsen and it is about this boy who was scared of swimming in water. The book “Animal Distress Calls” was written by Eliot Schrefer and is about a girl that gets lost at the zoo. There is a point of freight for the main character in both stories. There are many similarities and differences such as setting and character traits.
“People call me Crazy” and “Animal Distress Calls” have a couple differences similarities, one is the character trait frightened. Both of the main characters are frightened at some point in each story. In “People call me Crazy” Thatcher was afraid of water but one day, his friend was crossing over a stream
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In the text it said ,”Without another thought, I hurled myself into the water. The shock of the cold threw me into hyperdrive. Everything was happening faster than I could process, but I just kept kicking toward Richie, fueled by willpower and adrenaline”(Gary Paulsen). This quote is significant because it explains how Thatcher was afraid when he was in the water but he was so loyal to his friend that he was willing to jump in for him. Also it tells how Thatcher is loyal and selfless because he jumped into the freezing, rushing stream to save his friend. In “Animal Distress Calls” Julia was on a field trip but she got separated from her class so she decided to explore, she found a sick ostrich in a cage and she decided to comfort it. An example is,”Poor bird, sick and alone in this cage with no …show more content…
In “Animal Distress Calls” the main setting is the zoo. Julia and her class go on a field trip and she gets separated, she wanders off into a wolf exhibit. She gets away and finds a sick ostrich in a cage. I know because it said,”Between the gate slats, I saw the concrete rhino that little kids played on, the stand sold popsicles shaped like parrots, toddlers giggling at the monkeys”(Shrefer). This quote is significant because you don’t find monkeys, parrot shaped popsicles, and a concrete rhino to play on anywhere else than a zoo. Also it said she was on the other side of a gate meaning she’s either outside the zoo, or with an animal and she is with the wolves. In “People call me Crazy” the main setting is camp lakewood. Thatcher is scared of swimming and his parents sent him to camp lakewood for the summer to overcome his fear. The author wrote,” I was nervous the moment I stepped off the bus at Camp Lakewood. I heard the rushing of the river and smelled the breeze coming off the lake”(Paulsen). This supports my claim because it tells how Thatcher is arriving at Camp Lakewood. You know it’s camp lakewood because there is rushing water and it says it in the text. In conclusion, these two stories have many differences, such as the

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