The Victims Of Domestic Violence Essay

1571 Words Jun 25th, 2015 null Page
It never occurred to me that there were so many women in the world that were victims of domestic violence, victims of sexually abused. I never realized the extent danger children faced and how easy they could become prey for many perpetrators around them. The values I was raised to cherish was my family, and friends. I was thought that if you love someone you will do your best not to hurt them, and try to keep the relationship going with as little argument as possible. I was raised in a very strong Christian household and never had any encounter with family violence that caused harm on someone else. I witness yelling, and maybe one or two shoving between my parents, but never was I placed in a position where I had to leave my home, in order to be safe. The fact that I was brought up with integrity and respect, and brought up to be honest I was protected from the rest of the world. Furthermore, my values, beliefs, and ethics helped me to view relationship violence as something that will never happen to me. My entire childhood shaped me to view family and relationship violence as something that does not happen frequently. My childhood hindered me from the truth of what was really going on around me, and I did not start seeing signs of violence in other families until later on. Prior to this class, family and relationship violence did not really have that much impact in my life. I cared for the victims when I heard about how they’ve been mistreated, but now I understand the…

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