Essay about The Victims Of Domestic Violence

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There are a plethora of reasons that victims of domestic violence stay in an abusive relationship (Why do Abuse Victims Stay? 2008). Among them are; economic, emotional, situational and fear based reasoning’s (Wallace & Roberson 2015). There have been a multitude of studies and investigative hypotheses conjured to answer this broad and frustrating question (Wallace & Roberson 2015). Victims of domestic abuse have been asked to explain what their victimizations consisted of and many ideas have derived from their answers (Wallace & Roberson 2015). One idea has been the effects of Stockholm Syndrome, psychiatrist and criminologist Nils Bejerot devised the phrase in 1973 (Carver 2014). The syndrome creates a bond with an abuser that is sympathetic and overrides self-protection due to isolation, as well as, an imbalance of dependence upon their captor (Wallace & Roberson 2015). They develop progressively better feelings toward the person harming them (Wallace & Roberson 2015). It’s comparable to brainwashing (Wallace & Roberson 2015). After terrorizing fear, immobilization sets in, then positive feeling for small considerations that place a person into denial about their abuser overtake them and then the person becomes a savior in a sense because they aren’t going to die (Westcott 2012). The victims disassociate circumstances to survive what is happening to them (Carver 2014). According to Dr. J. Carver’s article “Stockholm Syndrome: The Psychological Mystery of Loving an…

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