The Vatican And The Church Essay

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How can a group like the Vatican keep such a large population of the church together and so strong for over 2000 years? The Vatican and the church rely on four key factors to keep itself together; those factors are the strong words, One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. By incorporating these four words the church is able to stay so magnificent and in unison with itself. Each of these words has a separate and well-built definition that helps the church stay as great as it is. As the result of one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, the church has been shaped the way that we know it today.
The first element that structures the way we recognize the church, is the word “one”. The Catholic Church is engaged in working to unite all Christians to stand as one Catholic Church. The church can be seen as single and one because the Trinity is seen in the same way, as one. The unity of the church is the way it has been shaped by the means of the true Church can not be divided any more than the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can be separated. The oneness of the church has been seen in multiple real-life situations. In a story out of Massachusetts, an entire catholic high school class shaved their heads in support of a classmate who was recently diagnosed with cancer (Hamel). This story is a perfect display of the oneness of the church because the members all unite together for one singular cause. Using this as an example, if the Church follows this story, it can unite its whole population to…

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