Beyond The Liberal Catholic Divide Analysis

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Before starting this project I came across an article from Huffington Post called Beyond the Conservative/Liberal Catholic Divide, written by Matthew N. Schmalz. My first time reading this article I thought that Schmalz was just writing about the different stereotypes in the catholic religion and that it is possible to be a liberal catholic, which originally sparked my interest. As a liberal I never knew that we could even participate in the Catholic Church, due to my views on Gay Marriage and abortion. Little did I know that there was so much more than just another thing that liberals and conservatives con not come to similar terms on from a local Catholic Church. As a community Saint Thomas Aquinas University Parish practices forgiveness and acceptance for some more than others. When going about how I could explore the Catholic …show more content…
I found that out of my seven interviews those who were older were not open to the concept of same-sex marriage or abortion. I talked to Miss. Maggie, a widow who had been attending Saint Thomas Aquinas University Parish, who told me that, “The gays are welcome to the Catholic Church by all means, but we will never support them in getting married. We are taught to love everyone and that God loves everyone this is just one of those things that is not okay in Catholicism,” (Maggie). The college students who attended were not completely supportive of abortion in terms of the mother being in a life-threatening situation or if she was raped. All of them did believed in gay marriage though, some weren’t thrilled about it, but they still believed that the Catholic Church should accept them as they are and welcome them with no judgment. One thing that all the generations had in common was their love of God and Jesus Christ, acceptance, and forgiveness. This is one thing that I don’t think we will ever see change in the Catholic

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