The Use Of Social Networking Sites ( Sns ) Essay

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The use of social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook in 21st century has become ubiquitous. In recent years, the number of users of Facebook has increased exponentially. AscomScore, a company specialized in media measurements and headquartered in Reston, VA reported, the unique visitors of Facebook site in US was about 2 million in November 2004. Exactly one decade later, the number has grown approximately 50 times to 102 million (comScore 1). By September 2015 the unique visitors of Facebook site was 216 million with Facebook rankingnumber 2 out of the top 50 Multi-Platform sites in the US(comScore 2). This expansion of unique visitors let Facebook to transform how people around the world communicate, disseminate information, and interact with each another, allowing users to exchange experience about the various aspects in their lives. For example, when a tragedy befalls a person, and then the sufferer announces it via Facebook, his or her virtual friends can give instant support by at least offering sympathy to ease the sorrow of the griever. Yet one aspect that the use of Facebook tried to replicatebut always failedto attainis the aspect of virtuous friendship.
Friendship is not a new concept; it has been defined in ancient times. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher defined friendship on the premise of utility, pleasure or virtue asbeing a mutual exchange of kindness and an equally recognized love that exist among people who share common admiration (Barbro and Martin…

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