The Use Of Mascots Into Sports Events Essay

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In all sports, both creative and uncreative mascots give fans a symbol to rally behind. How often is this symbol inappropriate or inconsiderate? Due to the dominance of white culture in this country, certain age-old traditions seem to escape critique during the discussion of what is racist. One of these traditions is the incorporation of mascots into sports events. Opting for fierce or intimidating images, teams often use insensitive depictions of minorities, especially Native Americans.
There is an outlandish number of native mascots throughout all sports and all competitive levels. It seems that at least over 2,000 teams, either high school, college, semi-pro, or pro, use a mascot that references Native Americans. There are some schools either founded for educating indigenous students or that comprised of a notable number of native students. Even if we disregard the teams that use a native image or name tastefully or with a tribe’s permission, there is an abundance of heinous depictions. While some teams attempt to be respectful or honor true Native American traditions, most teams based their logo or physical mascot off of stereotypical images.
Plenty of the offensive names, images, or mascots have been changed, dropped their ethnic connotation, or become defunct. However, plenty of Savages, Indians, and Redmen amongst others still exist. Major teams with large fan bases and financial backing can insist they are in the right because they have always had their name. For…

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