The Use Of Gamification As An Elearning Tool For Promoting Employee Motivation, Engagement, And Knowledge Transfer

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The use of gamification by organizations as a training design element for their eLearning training programs has been on a steady increase. Organizations have turned to gamification in an effort to develop training programs that increase employee motivation, engagement, and improve knowledge transfer through increased interaction. Although gamification offers innovative training design options, organizations must be judicious in its application. Before committing to the use of gamification, organizations must assess the training content to determine if gamification is the best training delivery design. Furthermore, organizations must make certain that gamification will deliver the desired training outcome that meets the organization’s needs and goals. This research paper investigates the effectiveness of gamification as an eLearning tool for promoting employee motivation, engagement, and knowledge transfer through a comprehensive review of the literature in the field and analysis of data collected from interviews with respondents who have participated in trainings designed with game elements. The results of the literature review and analysis of the interview results clearly align to present a similar picture of the current state of gamification in the field of corporate eLearning. The benefits of using gamification through proper design and development criteria are discussed and best practices for successful implementation are presented.


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