The Usage Of Rational Decision Making Essay

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This paper will be developed to serve three purposes. First, we will discuss and defend the usage of rational decision making to work through the process of identifying and correcting problems at Northwestern Manufacturing Company. Next, the different steps that should be applied as well as use of mitigating management factors will be covered. Finally, the evaluation tools necessary to fully implement any solutions will be mentioned. In order to find a solution for the problems that Northwestern Manufacturing Company faces, a multi-step process, called rational decision making, should be accomplished.
To understand what must be accomplished to provide a solution to Northwestern Manufacturing Company, a background of what rational decision making is, we must first define the process. Business Dictionary defines rational decision making as “A method for systematically selecting among possible choices that is based on reason and facts.” (Murcko, n.d.) It is essential for Northwestern Manufacturing Company to employ a rational model due to the nature of the problems associated with this company. Management should focus on long term solutions instead of a quick fix. This ensures that they correct the issues they have now instead of revisiting the same challenges at a later date. David McDermott (2013) recommends utilizing this type of problem solving model when considering every option and looking toward one best outcome. (McDermott, 2013) Wendy Finn (2011) recommends…

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